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Steamed Fruit Cake

This is a must for Hariraya. One for my mom in-law and another for deareast mak. I used to have a different recipe, used since I made my first fruit cake after SPM. But lost it when we moved house some years after. I’ve been using this recipe from Koleksi Resepi Pilihan Diana for a couple of years now. It’s moist and lovely. Try it. I halved the recipe and used a 7 by 7 inch tin.

1/2 tin or 250g pure butter
1 cup caster sugar
3 eggs (large)

1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp orange essence

300 g all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda

200 g mixed fruit
baking paper
aluminium foil

1 cup sugar
1/4 cup water

1. Prepare steamer. Heat some water on low while preparing the cake. Coat mixed fruit evenly with 1 or 2 tbsp of the 300g flour. This is to help prevent the fruits from sinking to the bottom.
2. Sift together remaining flour with baking soda.
3. Using a hand whisk, beat together butter and sugar in a deep mixing bowl until well blended. Do not use a plastic bowl. It would be better if it is ceramic. Add in vanilla and orange essence.
4. Add in eggs, one at a time until just blended. Do not over mix or you might end up with a dry cake.
5. Add in flour and mix evenly until just blended. Set aside.
6. Prepare caramel. Put in 1 cup of sugar in a non-stick pan or a kuali. Heat sugar. Use a wooden spatula to stir and cook until all sugar dissolves and begin to caramelize. Let it turn to slightly dark brown but NOT burnt. Then add in water. Be very careful and watch your hands when adding in the water. The caramel will poof off hot vapours.  Stir until caramel and water are quite blended. Turn off heat.
7. While still hot, pour in the caramel into the set aside mixture of butter and sugar.Mix evenly then add in mixed fruits. Mix until fruits are just evenly distributed. Do not overmix.
8. Line and grease your baking tin. Pour in mixture and cover the top of baking tin with aluminium foil. Make sure the foil are secured at the rim of the baking tin.
9. Steamed for 2 hours on a rapidly boiling water and another 2 hour on a reduced flame. Top with hot water when water reduces. It’s good to check the water after 1 hour as rapidly boiling water evaporates very quickly.

This cake will taste even better after a few days. I’m not sure how long is the shelf life but some say it can last for 6 months. (With or without regrigeration?!!)