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A Simple Meal – Brunei’s Nasi Katok

What is nasi katok??  I have never savoured this meal myself. Just the stories my husband brought back from his 2 months stay in Brunei for an assigned job.  And .. his first meal was nasi katok.

It’s actually a simple meal of rice (they used fragrant rice)  and chicken with sambal. The sambal is either sweet or ‘padas’ (hot/spicy). I can’t say there is one special recipe, because after searching high and low for the recipe… there are so many versions. There’s one which names the sambal as ‘sambal oelek’??

rice, chicken and sambal..


There’s a story behind nasi katok though. I picked up one from a blog. It was started many many years back by a chinese man who sold freshly cooked rice pack meals until late nights from his home. People who wanted to get a meal at this hour would have to knock on the door of his home. That is why it is called ‘katok’ means knock and ‘nasi’ is rice. There are a few more stories , but basically it’s about the same. A tale of a 24 hr readily prepared meal and.. they knock! knock! to get their packet of rice.

An outlet selling nasi katok..also considered a fast food by bruneian

The best thing is.. It’s 1(one) Brunei dollar which is about RM2.50(ringgit Malaysia). A sigh of relief from an average income Malaysian who has 7 kids.. His initial budget for a meal was BND5 which is about RM13. That was before he set foot in Brunei.. now we know that not everything is expensive in Brunei. Well.. he will be leaving again for Brunei soon. Salamat!!

 A simple meal prepared at home.. hubby says “not any close to sambal nasi katok”.. makan je lah :[[[