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Batik Cake

I don’t know if it’s right to translate it.. The cake has been known ever as kek batik (in malay). This cake started some 20 years back when I was still in high school. I remembered my kaklong(eldest sister) was so excited trying it out for eidulfitri back then. The cake got it’s name from the pattern when sliced. It’s not a bake cake. It’s a mix of biscuit and chocolate custard. There are varied recipes around and none uses  flour but Marie Biscuit instead. Not sure if there are marie biscuit in other places but it’s known here locally.  Sorry..forgot to snap any pictures of the wrapping. I have used up all the biscuit from the 2nd try..which is also the cake delivered to my customer. I’ve passed through a  recipe using Arnot’s Digestive though.

Actually, I was not enthusiastic to try it out myself until I got this order from a customer. Ho..ho, never put aside any orders.. it’s not that she’s asking me to make a 3-tier wedding cake.. So make my try.. a recipe from xxx.com.  My cake testers says OK but ehhemm..a little bit too sweet for my tastebud. Need to watch out for my sugar level too.. After going through a few blogs on kek batik recipes, I merge and modify and came up with the recipe below..

Kek Batik Recipe:

150g Marie biscuit or just enough..I used Tesco’s Mini Marie Biscuit

3 large eggs (beat till evenly mixed)

100g butter

1 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk

1/4 cup water (I’ll try with evaporated milk/creamer next time)

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1 tsp instant coffee granules

1 tsp vanilla essence

Line a tin with baking paper well up above the rim. Mix all ingredients in a non-stick pan except biscuit. Cook on low until mixture thickens and grainy but not dry. (You don’t want the biscuit to be mushy nor too crumbly.)  To put up the cake, there are 2 ways:-

1)  Mixed in the biscuits before turning off the heat. Mix well until all biscuits are coated. Then spoon and pressed into lined tin. Pressed and glide evenly with the back of a spoon at all corners. OR

2) Thinly fill the bottom of the tin with the cooked chocolate custard and arrange biscuits. Cover with custard mix and arrange another layer of biscuits, and so on alternating custard and biscuits until all are used up. I used this method from wendyink.blogspot which has the illustration.

Refrigerate overnight before slicing. I had topped my cake with melting chocolate ganache.