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Chicken Rendang

This is the first time we did not “balik kampung”  for hariraya.  Previously, we would solat raya at our place, then “balik kampung” later in the afternoon. (which is only 40 minutes from our place). But this  year, we decided to celebrate in Bukit Sentosa as we had spent the whole week earlier at both (umi/walid) atok’s house.

So to get that “raya feel”, umi cooks chicken rendang and nasi impit. Thought of making kuah lodeh as well, but it seems I made the decision quite late. Pasar is closed, nearby shops are closed and hubby is lazy to go to supermarket in Rawang. So it’s just nasi impit and rendang only after solat raya. But no worry.. There were sup daging qurban and kari kambing at the surau.


(Clockwise from top: Mutton curry, chicken rendang and nasi impit)

Here’s the recipe for chicken rendang.


(Rendang ayam – sori, gambar tak cantek)


1 chicken (about 1.5 kg, cut into 8 parts)

3 cups thick santan (coconut milk)

2 pcs asam keping (dried tamarind)

1 tbsp kerisek (dry-fry grated coconut in a kuali till it turns brown, then grind fine)

Salt to taste

A – Grind together:

10 shallots

5 garlics

1.5 in ginger

2 in galangale

5 lemongrass

15 dried chillies

10 chilli padi (bird’s eye chillies)

B – Dry-fry/roast on a pan for a while, then grind fine:

2 buah keras (candlenuts)

½ tsp jintan manis (fennel)

½ tsp jintan putih (cumin)

½ tsp ketumbar (coriander seeds)


Heat kuali and put in santan and grounded ingredients A. Stir till mixture boils. Then add in grounded ingredients B. Stir until it starts to boil again, then put in chicken and tamarind.

Stir occasionally until chicken is almost cooked, then add in kerisek. Add in salt to taste and continue to cook until chicken is done.