Welcome to COOKIN’ buzz. This site is all about cooking and baking from Mama Numiyn’s kitchen, using recipes from all sources. Some of the recipes you found here is actually moved from my ‘rojak’ blog Mama Numiyn. I’m moving it one at a time. From time to time, there will be new recipes from my kitchen.

I’m a Malaysian, a full-time housewife and a mother to six kids. Malaysia is a multi-racial country and so offers a wide range of yummy delicious food. My first post, is a Malay delicacies.. Lepat Pisang or Steamed Banana Parcels. You will see many more recipes, cakes & muffins, bread, rice etc, etc……but I must admit, I prefer cooking simple, easy and fast… After all, I’ve got six plus two mouth to feed.

Hope you will try out these recipes…Have a nice day.


2 responses to “About

  1. Laa…mamanumyin ghopernyer….kih kih kih

  2. Sayalah tu.. segan nak kenalkan diri. Mamanumiyn ni pemalu orgnye..he..he..

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