Gumpaste Recipe

Here’s a recipe for gumpaste which I had tried out recently. Actually, this is the first time I tried decorating using other than chocolate ganache, buttercream or whipped cream. It was surprisingly easy to make up the dough and working with it. The difficult part is looking for the gum. This recipe actually calls for tragacanth gum but I couldn’t find it in the baking supplies store. Instead they have this xanthan gum. If you couldn’t find these gums, look for others such as arabic gum or guar gum etc.

Gumpaste recipe:

60 g cornflour

400 g icing sugar

22 g tragacanth gum

Sift the above three times and put into a mixing bowl.

60 g water

22 g glucose syrup

Add in  water and glucose syrup into the above sifted flours and mix it until everything comes together. I used my hands. You can use the mixer.

22 g shortening

Now add the the shortening and mix well and continue kneading till everything comes up to a nice ball. Keep tightly in plastic wrap for 24 hours before using. The gumpaste will harden and you will need to knead it again.Take a little at time as you required, add colouring and shape as you want. Keep unused portion tightly wrap.Lightly grease your hands when working with the gumpaste and dust icing sugar on the working table. When you have made the cut-outs, dust with more icing sugar for easy handling. Leave on a flat sieve or you can use it straight away.

I started out with alphabets using alphabet cutters but need to practice to make other shapes. I had sourced my recipe from suzinor.


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