Kuih Lapis Again!!

The kuih lapis is so easy to make, I don’t really have to think twice when I have all the ingredients in hand. This time with 3 coloured layer. Plain, yellow with a tinge of red colouring which makes it turn slightly orangy in colour and red. Then the final layer a much darker red.


It’s the same recipe which I posted before but this time, I doubled the recipe and used a 26cm round tin and got a 5 inch kuih. I found that if you boil the syrup longer or that means a thicker syrup, the kuih will be much firmer and have a cleaner cut. I also did not wait for the syrup to cool down as I running short of time to attend a class after maghrib prayer.

Passed a small portion to Naterah and the rest was laid to rest in the tummy of 6 monsters in two days… Alhamdulillah.



2 cups rice flour
1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1 cup thick santan
a pinch of salt
red and yellow colouring

Boil until sugar dissolves, then leave to cool:
1 1/2 cup sugar
3 cups of water
2 screwpine leaves(knotted)

Prepare steamer. Leave water to boil on low while preparing kuih lapis mixture. Discard screwpine leaves from syrup.

Sift together rice flour, plain flour, tapioca flour and salt into a bowl. Add in cooled syrup. Mix well until all lumps disappear. Add in santan. Strain this mixture and divide into 2 separate bowls. (You can use multiple colours) Add red colouring into one and leave the other plain. Steam layer by layer, alternate color, 5 – 8 minutes for each layer.

I had used an 8 inch round tin and measured 1 cup of mixture for each layer. Add a little bit more coloring to the final layer to get a darker color for the top.

Leave to cool for 5 – 6 hours before slicing.


4 responses to “Kuih Lapis Again!!

  1. I folowed link from my statcounter. Nice, like my past favorite pasttime, but now have to restrict my intake, thus not much activity in kitchen.

    Do you know how to make kulit popia basah? Had tried numerous times, not working and in the end jadi macam kulit dadar. Or the vietnamese rice sheet pun healthy, tau buat? Boleh kongsi. Kalau ada posting, tolong alertkan saya. thank you.

  2. Nice of u to drop by. In contrary to u has, I do have time in the kitchen. It’s only that my 14 year old girl seems to be hook to the internet most of the time, Si umi takde chan. I have got lapping recipes that has yet to be posted.

    Resepi kulit popia ada tapi tak pernah try. Tunggu try and jadi dulu yek.

  3. wow..ur kuih lapis is ‘sitting tall’…nice orangyy colour .

  4. The kuih lapis looks so delicious after making it. Can’t wait to eat. After waiting for 6 hrs, to my dissapointment, top & bottom layer nice but in the middle very sticky, like not cook. Pls tell me why my kuih tak jadi. I ingat boleh tunjuk sikit, boleh buat kuih tapi gagal. Thank you so much, hope u can help me solve the problem.

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