Curry Mee (Noodles)

This is the curry noodles which I prepared for my son’s birthday. This recipe from Kitchen Tales, reminds me to the curry mee I used to buy during my school days at the canteen. When it was almost time for recess, my head was already drifting to the hot steaming bowl of curry mee. Rrring…. There goes the bell!!

I made the gravy just according to the recipe from Kitchen Tales but used different ingredients for the serving and garnishing.

Curry Mee

500g fresh yellow mee, scalded

200g beansprout, scalded

200 g prawns, shelled

1 piece fish cake, thinly sliced

15 pieces fish balls, halved

200 g cockles, scalded in hot water for 3-5 minutes, then drained & shelled

7-8 pieces taupok (fried puffed tofu), halved

Finely ground to a paste:

7 shallots

3 cloves of garlic

1 packet Rempah kari ikan kering

2 tsb chilli powder (I did not add this)

1 tsb pepper corn (I did not add this)

1/2 square inch belacan

1 tsb dried shimp

2 lemon grass (my blender was not working, so I just pound it once using the pestle)

2 litres coconut milk

1 litre of water or shrimp stock (boil the shells & heads of the shrimps in just enough water, then strain)

1 pc tamarind (asam gelugor)

Salt & sugar to taste


1 stalk spring onion (daun bawang)

1 stalk Chinese celery (daun sup)

Fried shallot crisps

Hard-boiled eggs, halved

A few slices of lime

Chilly oil: (I did not prepare this.. penyakit mmmm)

1 small packet chilly powder

5-6 cloves of garlic, pounded

Saute garlic and chilli paste in oil until the chilly well cooked and oil floats to the surface.
To make the gravy: Heat ¼ cup oil, saute spices till fragrant and oil rises. Add in the stock, then add in tamarind skin. Bring to a boil. Add in prawns, fishball and fishcake. Lower heat and let gravy simmer for 10 minutes. Then add in the cockles, taupok(fried puff tofu) and coconut milk. Season to taste. Continue to simmer for another 2 – 3 minutes then remove from heat.

To serve: Put in mee into a bowl and top with beansprout. Pour hot gravy over and garnish. Add chilli oil.


4 responses to “Curry Mee (Noodles)

  1. taupok tu apa ye..

  2. Taupok tu tauhu goreng yg kembong tu. Ala.. haa puffed tofu kot. Ada jual kat pasar. Dalam pkt kat supermarket pun ada.
    I was not sure what they call it, so cari2 dlm blog org lain, jumpalah nama taupok tu.. Puffed tofu lagi sedapkan ..nanti edit baliklah.

  3. Tumpang lalu Min.. taupok tu orang panggil tauhu kering ( siap goreng inside dia rongga macam chakoi) Kat K4 bahagian vegetarian food selalunya ada.

    Cookinbuzz, thanks for trying…

  4. Mee kari ni memang chinese or nyonya style. Masa kat sekolah dulu, chinese lady yg masak… (dulu makan tibai je.. masa tu tak reti lagi)

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